WAFFLE® Mattress Expansion Control Overlay (75" x 29") (1004EC)

WAFFLE® Mattress Expansion Control Overlay (75" x 29") (1004EC)
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Price: $64.00
Product ID : 1004EC


without pump
with pump (+$10.00)


  • Cost Effective - Delivers pressure relief and treatment
  • Technologically Sound - Patented design eliminates patient "bottoming out" and ensures air always surrounds patients body.  Used in hospitals around the world for bed sorers
  • Static Air Technology - prevents and heals pressure ulcers
  • Air Passage Holes - Allow for circulation and heat and moisture dissipation
  • Easy to Use - Easily inflates with non-electrical M.A.D.™ Pump
  • Safe and Secure - The low profile mattress design provides patient safety 
  • Versatile - Hand Wells allow for easy log rolling and transferring patients up to 300lbs 

*NOTE: For the safety of caregiver and patient, TWO or more people should be available to reposition patient when needed.


Model # 1004EC

Size (Inflated): 75” x 29” x 3”

Color: Tan

Warranty: 90 Days

Weight limit: 300lbs