Skin and Wound Care

Since 1989 MPM Medical, Inc. has provided clinician supported wound and incontinence care products. Incontinence care products such as Normlshield® Cream provide protection, comfort and repair for fragile skin exposed to incontinence of urine and/or stool. MPM Anti-Fungal™ Cream relieves minor rashes & discomfort associated with incontinence that can lead to itching and burning.

MPM quality wound care products were selected as they are easy to use, soothing for painful wounds and promote healing.  Hydrogel dressings, available in sheet and amorphous forms are indicated for minor cuts, scrapes and abrasions, as well as minor burns, including sunburn and radiation burns. Regenecare® HA contains lidocaine 2% to help reduce wound pain or skin pain from burns. For use in the presence of localized infection or for persons at high risk for infection, SilverMed® is a silver hydrogel that provides antimicrobial protection.  WoundGard® bordered dressings protect open wounds from outside contaminants.  They are easy to apply and the bordered adhesive is gentle on even the most fragile skin.

Soap and water can be damaging to open wounds and fragile skin. MPM Wound and Skin Cleanser is a nontoxic cleanser in a convenient spray bottle.

MPM CoolMagicâ„¢ Hydrogel Sheet Dressing
Product SKU : MPM-MP00206
MPM Foam Circular Tube Site Dressing
Product SKU : MPM-MP00501
MPM SilverMed Hydrogel 1.5 oz Tube
Product SKU : MPM-ABSM1406
MPM WoundGuard 2x2
Product SKU : MPM-MP00091C
MPM WoundGuard 4x4
Product SKU : MPM-MP00092C