TruVue Heel Protector

TruVue Heel Protector
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Product ID : TRUVUEW060


Extra Large


TRUVUE™ Heel Protectors:

The TRUVUE™ Heel Protector is designed to protect the leg, foot and ankles while elevating the heel off of bed or other hard surface. TruVue Heel Protector mirrors the natural shape of the leg, securely holding the leg and foot in place while continuing to allow for full range of motion. The straps attached on each side of the heel protector allow the caregiver to maintain the foot at a neutral 90-degree position. The TRUVUE™ Heel Protector can be used for the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries (bedsores) on the foot. It is intended for use in bed, wheelchairs or day chairs but are not intended to be used while walking.


Other features include:

  • Securely holds leg and foot in place
  • Foot Gate at bottom of protector adjusts to accomadate multiple foot widths and for visual foot inspection or dressing changes without removal of the entire product
  • Elongated Foot Gate height tents the sheets off of sensitive toes
  • Optional Anti-Rotation Wedge prevents rotation of leg when in bed
  • Easily cleaned with a warm damp soap and water cloth
  • Latex free
  • Meets flammability standards: CFR Title 16 Part 1610, CAL 117-2013

The TRUVUE™ Heel Protectors are single patient use.


Ordering information:

Petite TruVue™ Heel Protector with wedge


Size/Calf Circumference: Petite 7” - 12.5”

Primary Color: Green


Standard TruVue™ Heel Protector with wedge


Size/Calf Circumference: Standard 13” - 18”

Primary Color: Green


Extra Large TruVue™ Heel Protector with wedge


Size/Calf Circumference: Extra Large 18.5” - 25.5”

Primary Color: Green