Foot and Heel Protection

EHOB® has a full ine of products for protection of the leg and foot. The foot products are scientifically designed to keep the foot flexed in its normal position and the heel suspended off of firm surfaces without compromising comfort . All of the foot protection products can be used for the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries (bedsores).

The WAFFLE® Heel Elevator Custom cradles the lower leg in air for pressure redistribution and to float the heel while sustaining the integrity of the foot and ankle. The Foot WAFFLE Custom provides the same protection as the WAFFLE® Heel Elevator Custom but also sustains the integrity of the calf and Achilles area as well as the foot and ankle. They come preinflated and can be worn in bed or when up in a chair. They are not intended to be used while walking.

The TruVue™ Heel Protector with wedge is a fiber filled alternative to protect the leg, foot and ankles while elevating the heel off of bed or other hard surface. TruVue Heel Protector mirrors the natural shape of the leg, securely holding the leg and foot in place while continuing to allow for full range of motion. It is intended for use in bed, wheelchairs or day chairs but are not intended to be used while walking.

FootHold® Heel Protector with Splint and Secure Stick Sole is a positioning device for the lower extremity that promotes proper alignment of the ankle, knee and hip, to prevent and treat foot drop, ankle contractures, and heel injury. The removable Secure Stick Sole is ideal for walking short distances in the home. Not intended to be worn outside the home.
Extended Care Custom FootWaffle
Product SKU : 5040TPUX060
Extended Care Custom Heel Elevator
Product SKU : 5450TPUX060
FootHold® with Splint and Secure Stick Sole
Product SKU : FH10-EPEX
TruVue Heel Protector
Product SKU : TRUVUEW060