WAFFLE® Extended Care Plus Mattress Overlays and PRISM® Mattress Replacement

The WAFFLE® Extended Care Plus Mattress Overlay can be placed right on top of your existing mattress. The air overlay cradles the body, providing protection and treatment for pressure injuries, and has also been recommended for pain management. The WAFFLE Extended Care Plus Mattress Overlay is easy to transport and is extremely comfortable. This product features a patented design to eliminate 'bottoming out', and air vents to dissipate heat and moisture. The mattresses’ low profile design, provides greater stability and patient safety. The WAFFLE® M.A.D. hand pump accompanies the overlay to ensure precise inflation.

The EHOB Prism Mattress Replacement System is a comfortable, low-cost alternative to more expensive solutions. The Prism base is constructed of Reflex Plus Foam, an advanced polymer cushioning material designed to improve comfort, quality and performance. Can choose from three different inserts, each covered with a smooth, transparent Polyethylene Barrier Liner to reduce the effects of friction and shear.